What can be subbed one for one for granulated sugar? Running low.

Baking biscotti today but am just under the amount I need for granulated sugar. I have just about everything else---turbinado, superfine, brown (too moist), can I safely fill in with either turbinado or superfine and not alter texture for biscotti? Thanks!



Danizmango February 25, 2014
Thanks, all. I will use the turbinado I think.
ATG117 February 25, 2014
I'd also go for turbinado. But if you use the superfine sugar, decrease the amount you use by a bit.
ChefJune February 25, 2014
I would probably go for the turbinado, but any fairly fine grained sugar will work one for one.
nashama February 25, 2014
Superfine sugar should be fine, but I would expect a finer crumb in your finished biscotti, which isn't a bad thing.
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