suggestions for lunch sandwiches made from leftover brownsugar/maple/clove glazed ham

Cannot require heating

  • Posted by: Chrissy
  • December 27, 2022


Gammy December 28, 2022
And after a couple days of ham sandwiches with every sort of variation, put the remaining ham bits in a food processor and pulse into smaller bits, add in some chopped celery, maybe some onion, then some mayo and mustard.... you now have ham salad to enjoy the final pieces of your Christmas ham.
Miss_Karen January 1, 2023
Make a biscuit dough and put the above mentioned ham spread on it. Roll it up like you are going to make cinnamon rolls. Slice and place on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with cheese and bake until biscuit dough is light golden. These travel well & can be eaten at room temp.
HalfPint December 27, 2022
Some combos that I like:
- cheddar & sliced apples, with a peach mustard. On whole wheat.
- grilled cheese with pepper jack & pickled red onions
- Swiss cheese, mayo and sriracha on a baguette. Lightly toasted to melt the cheese

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