I need to eat a very low fat diet for health reasons atm, what are some good recipes with no more than 5gs of fat?!



healthierkitchen December 16, 2010
Since it's for a limited time, hopefully it will be easier to stick with! After, you could continue with a little room for some healthy oils, nuts, etc. Can you have salmon? I often sear and then roast it with a crust of dijon mustard and bread crumbs and serve with some sauteed greens. Brown rice optional. Saute a little garlic in a non-stick pan with only the tiniest bit of olive oil, and then add shrimp, add a glug or two of orange juice and then a shot of tequila and let reduce a few minutes. Serve over couscous. Oatmeal made with just a little skim milk and dried fruit and nuts is delicious too. Good luck.
mrslarkin December 16, 2010
Been there, done that! I had my galbladder removed almost 10 yrs ago. Oh, the agony prior to, as we were vacationing in Cape Cod and every night was lobster, seafood bisque and ice cream! I can empathize with you. You will feel inordinately better when it's out!
hannahv123 December 16, 2010
Thanks for being so helpful :) I have to eat very low fat foods because my gallbladder is contracted, but I'm not adverse to losing a bit of weight either, have already lost around half a stone, so this diet isn't going to be compulsory after I have my gallbladder out, however I would quite like to stay on it as I am quite obviously healthier on it! I can't eat even good fats at the moment, any fat is really a no-no! x
iuzzini December 16, 2010
Cooking light has some good recipes- just always watch your serving sizes so you know that you are only getting the amount of fat it predicts in the recipe. Also, I think on this website: http://www.livestrong.com/recipes/
you can create your own recipes and it will calculate the amount of fat etc. in them (MrsLarkin suggested this website as well). Also- one of the easiest ways to reduce fat/cals for me, has been to substitute meat with veggies. I had been eating enough protein before to be a body builder (and I am no body builder)- but recently in my quest to eat more fruit/veggies (strive for 5), I have been basically eating a main course of cooked or raw veggies for lunch each day(I do usually incorporate a bit of olive oil into the dish and I eat almonds as a snack later in the day) and have lost some weight without making any other alterations to my diet. Go veggies. :) Mark Bittman trimmed down by being vegan each day before dinner- I guess for the same reason. Even if weightloss is not your motivation for the low fat diet, I think most veggies are fat free. Good luck!
mrslarkin December 16, 2010
I've been eating a lot of turkey lately...I'm on a diet too. One of the best lean proteins is turkey. Lowest fat content: I pretty much eat it almost every day with steamed veggies, baked sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. It's very satisfying. If you don't want to roast a whole turkey breast yourself (it is a LOT cheaper though), Trader Joe's has really great prepared roast turkey breast with no funky stuff in it.

Two very good websites for nutritional/diet info are:




Non-fat Greek yogurt is a godsend. Drizzled with honey, it's delicious.

And switch to skim milk (non-fat). It's all we ever buy.

Are you allowed any of the "good" fats like olive oil, nuts, fish, etc?
drbabs December 16, 2010
Take a look at this blog:
The writer is a medical librarian who promotes "evidence-based living." She writes a lot about heart disease and the need to eat low fat...has posted several pages of recipes...
and recommends books by caldwell esselstyn, dean ornish and t. colin campbell that promote a lowfat eating plan for health. Good luck!
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