I think I am missing a step... Author says "To prepare them ahead, put them into a lightly greased baking pan,".... Is this after gnocchi/gnudi ar...

...e formed into balls or after they are cooked in boiling water

Spinach Gnocchi
Recipe question for: Spinach Gnocchi


bigpan March 14, 2014
I make my gnnochi ahead and after forming them I put them on a sheet pan with a dusting of flour and flash freeze. Then I select as many as I need for the meal, boil, then saute in butter and serve. The remainder I put in air tight plastic tubs and save in the freezer.
IF it is a good recipe, you should make extra so they are ready to go when you want them.
ATG117 March 14, 2014
I believe this is after they are cooked on water. From the author and reviewer headnotes, I gather that they are then briefly baked off with butter and cheese before serving.
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