How to freeze cheesecakes?

I am making cheesecakes for my wedding and want to freeze them ahead. How do I prepare them for the freezer to be sure that they stay fresh? Also I only have a couple of spring form pans. Can I bake them on parchment circle or cardboard circle inside the springform pan for easy release? And ideas?

  • Posted by: Kate
  • August 29, 2014


Yianna August 31, 2014
What I've always done for baked full-fat cheesecakes was to double-wrap them in cling wrap tightly, with another layer of foil on top as suggested by They defrost quite well at room temperature for a few hours, or overnight in the fridge due to the fat content and are usually fresh tasting.

Not sure about the cardboard circle, but parchment paper is definitely good. I usually only line the bottom for springform pans though, and never the sides (Except foil outside for the waterbath). You could alternate between baking, since they don't necessarily need to be frozen in the pan itself. Good luck to you!
boulangere August 30, 2014
I make 6 cheesecakes at a time and stack them up in the freezer like cordwood. First, obviously, bake them (I use a conventional cake pan, and here is how I do it:
When turning them out of the cake pan, set a cardboard cake circle (available at all craft stores in the cake baking aisle) on top, turn the cake pan over, give it a good bang, and the cheesecake will drop out. Set another cardboard cake circle on the bottom, turn it over, remove the cardboard cake circle from the top, and double-wrap the cheesecake in plastic wrap. Plastic wrap will enfold it gently without marring it at all, and seal it well from any dehydrating effects of freezing. To thaw, move them to the refrigerator 12 hours before you plan to serve them. And very best wishes to you.
HalfPint August 29, 2014
You could use disposable round cake pans, like these,

Or line the bottom of your springform pan with parchment. I don't recommend using cardboard circles. There are not designed to be baked.

Either way, cool your cheesecakes completely, then double wrap in heavy duty aluminum foil, then slide each cake into Ziploc freezer bags. Thaw in the fridge, wrapped. Remove the foil a little before you plan to serve.
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