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I usually do a 2-3X batch of ricotta gnocchi and freeze some as dinner insurance. But this recipe uses less flour - it's more like gnudi, in that regard.

I'm wondering whether with the higher ricotta ratio plus the spinach, it freezes well? I see it can be made a few hours ahead, but I'm thinking of doing it today for few days from now - so I'd need to freeze. (Busy week, scant cooking time on day of dinner party.)

Also, I usually freeze gnocchi uncooked, as it boils up quickly from frozen; but in this case, would the texture hold up better boiled before freezing, then defrosted and baked per note above? Browned in oven with butter/cheese sounds delicious.

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Spinach Gnocchi
Recipe question for: Spinach Gnocchi

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heirloom August 14, 2011
I have never frozen them but I'm pretty sure it would work well if boiled, seasoned and frozen afterwards. I don't think this is the kind of gnocchi that could be frozen before boiling also because they don't hold the shape that well when uncooked.
By the way, I would recommend make a trial before planning to serve them for a dinner party...
Also, I would consider being generous with the condiment as being very cold they would need a longer baking time which might dry them otherwise.
Please, let me know how it will work as I might follow your idea!
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