I'm making Beef Stroganoff, Should I cut the raw meat against the grain or with the grain?

  • Posted by: ashley
  • March 15, 2014


Smaug November 8, 2018
Against, absolutely.
Pam November 8, 2018
Mitzi A. March 15, 2014
Always cut meat cross-grain, even chicken! Slicing with the grain makes any mean stringy and tougher. Ever bought a steak or piece of beef that was tough to chew? Turn the meat and slice it in the other direction and you'll see it's much more tender. Some slabs of mean used for stew or pot roast are with the grain by the butcher because of the bone. When you cook and serve it it's tough unless you can find a way to cross cut it on your plate or slice it diagonally like you slice flank steak.
amysarah March 15, 2014
You don't mention what cut you're using - sirloin? tenderloin? round? - but as a general rule, meat cut across the grain will be more tender, especially when not cooked for a long time (e.g., in a braise.)
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