Can I mash the potatoes by hand or does this dish really benefit from use of the mixer or ricer? Loathe to clean another appliance...

Chicken Legs in Tomato Gravy
Recipe question for: Chicken Legs in Tomato Gravy


CarlaCooks March 24, 2014
I actually prefer thick and chunky mashed potatoes, so I always use a pastry cutter to mash potatoes. But that's just to suite my own taste.
nancy E. March 22, 2014
Potatoes mashed with a ricer are so delicious that you would clean 10 appliances just to have them in your mouth.
Tina M. March 21, 2014
An yes, I too tried the food processor years ago, the result being potatoes that would have made great wall paper paste. I'll dig out the ricer - thanks for your help.
FoodIsLove March 21, 2014
Sorry but I always use a ricer for mashed potatoes, personal preference as it makes the potatoes very light and lump free. When I was a young cook, in my early twenties and very naive I used a food processor for mashed potatoes and the gluten was awful. After that, I made it my business to find a way to make potatoes that weren't "gloppy"....ergo enter the ricer.
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