Got crazy at grocery yesterday and bought smoked salt. I find the smell super overwhelming... No idea what to do with it! @Food52Hotline



Julie April 9, 2014
I like to add smoked salt and lemon juice to steamed kale, and I'm sure it would be tasty with other vegetables too. It's a very easy and very flavorful.
HalfPint April 9, 2014
Late to the game, but...

I like to sprinkle a few grains onto fresh tomato slices and enjoy. or sprinkle a little over roasted vegetables.
QueenSashy April 9, 2014
that is so true! i completely forgot about it
QueenSashy April 7, 2014
you can always use half smoked and half "traditional" salt to dampen it a bit...
arcane54 April 6, 2014
I sprinkled it on caramel for holiday gifts candies. Try it on vanilla ice cream that's been drizzled with dulce de leche.
aargersi April 5, 2014
Also a good addition to home made BBQ sauce
Emilie P. April 5, 2014
Use it to season sautéed edamame in their shells.
ChefGam April 5, 2014
I've used smoked salt in a in a brine for turkey. It added a great layer of flavor. I'm sure it would be equally good in brines for other meats, too.
Dave O. April 5, 2014
If you like bloody Mary's, mix it w sea salt, or celery salt, or create your own seasoning mixture to give a nice smoky flavor. I recently made siracha salt for grilled okra from this site It was great on the okra, but a pinch of smoked salt mixed in would be great.
The L. April 5, 2014
Actually, I will suggest the opposite. Use it when you can't grill & still want that smoky quality real flames impart. You are right in that is extremely pungent. Roast anything in the oven and still get that grilled flavor. The possibilities are endless.
Pegeen April 5, 2014
You can use it for grilling (or roasting) meat, pork or poultry, or in a grilling spice rub.
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