How much does the shrimp called for in this recipe weigh? We can get them in a wide variety of sizes, so a numerical quantity doesn't work well....

...Thank you. ;o



LeBec F. April 11, 2014
This very issue is something I have emailed as a suggestion to 52, twice now, but to no avail. It would save so many people so much time if 52 would link Hotline questions about a recipe-- to the recipe chef.Because my Hotline experience shows that the vast majority of recipe chefs do not usually frequent the Hotline.
Lindsay-Jean H. April 9, 2014
Hi AntoniaJames, this is one of those questions that I think might be worth a direct message to the recipe author to make sure they see it, and then perhaps they can update the recipe.
AntoniaJames April 9, 2014
Thank you, LJ. I did not realize that questions about a recipe are no longer sent to the person who contributed it. I'll do as you suggest. ;o)

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Horto April 8, 2014
how do you become a trusted source?
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