Wonkavision for Food52 Hotline

Sometimes after reading postings on the Hotline I dream about Wonkavision - the Willy Wonka contraption that let him transport a chocolate bar (then Mike Teevee) via television -- smaller but still delicious. I read what others are making or thinking about making, and think to myself: Man, a bite of that sure would taste good right now! Where's Wonkavision when I need it?! (Most recently had this thought when reading someone's post about using browned butter in her banana bread recipe.)
Perhaps that could be an upcoming Food52 contest: competition to invent Wonkavision!

  • Posted by: TobiT
  • April 16, 2014
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1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. April 18, 2014
You're making my stomach growl -- and now I'm debating with myself which Willy Wonka contraption I'd most like to have!
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