Any ideas what do to with a giant bottle of leftover manischewitz?!



bugbitten April 26, 2014
Sip medicinally?
witloof April 23, 2014
Jamaican black cake calls for chopped dried fruit that has been marinated in Manischewitz sweet wine. Here is one recipe I found.
tw April 21, 2014
You could use it to make a granita but make sure to add a sweet herb like tarragon or a bay leaf or ginger to balance out the flavors. In fact many recipes that call for Mirin can actually work quite well with a little "heavy grape concord."
ChefJune April 18, 2014
You could use it for sangria, as suggested above, or wine spritzers for folks who don't like to drink much. But y ou can also stick it in a corner of your liquor cabinet for next year. It keeps forever.
amysarah April 17, 2014
Use it to poach pears - just reduce the sugar to compensate for the wine's sweetness.
Elana C. April 17, 2014
Thank you all!
plainhomecook April 17, 2014
petitbleu April 17, 2014
Use it to sweeten an ice cream base. Also look for a bundt cake recipe containing Manischewitz--my mother makes it occasionally, and it's actually really delicious.
Pegeen April 17, 2014
Assuming ham is OK, wonder if it would work, simmered down, as a braising liquid for a ham, with herbs. Given the sugar content in the wine, kind of like the southern recipe that uses Coca Cola (regular, not diet).
Try making a sangria! Fresh citrus slices and and a little triple sec in a carafe left to marry for about 4 hours in the fridge. Why not? And if you don't want to use triple sec just use a little OJ.

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akrainey April 17, 2014
Throw it away! :)
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