When are you going to start shipping internationally?

I live in Sweden and I constantly are left at window shopping. I'd like to shop, but how?

  • Posted by: Nina
  • April 27, 2014


Cynthia C. May 5, 2015
YES PLEASE!!! Live in France and NEED some of your things !!
Lauren K. April 28, 2014
Hi Nina,

We're so glad to hear from you -- and thank you for your kind words about our shop! We aren’t set up to deliver our goods worldwide quite yet -- but it’s great to hear that you're interested (and especially helpful for us to know where you're writing from).

We're sorry that you're only able to window shop at the moment but hope that you’ll check back in the future!

Best regards,
Customer Care Manager -- Food52 & Provisions
Flavia N. May 31, 2014
Please do let us know. I live in London, and have been dying to buy a lot of your products.
Georgie July 2, 2018
Its been 4 years since this reply... You guys still don't shipped internationally...
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