Is the removable roasting pan from my electric rival roaster oven safe?

I want to cook a turkey for the majority of the time tomorrow in the roaster. Then pop it in the oven to brown it better than the roaster can. I can't find any info it the roasting pan is oven safe or not.

Dawn Scronce


Dawn M. November 26, 2019
Can I cook directly in the removable pan in my electric roaster
inpatskitchen January 17, 2015
I own two of these and the removable roasting pan is totally oven safe...go for it!
Roxanne November 22, 2017
Is it safe to cook the turkey in the pan for 6 hours?
pawanky March 2, 2020
Also check as well.
pawanky March 2, 2020 may be helpful here.
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