Would the fish come out alright if I did it on the grill?

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Fish Tacos
Recipe question for: Fish Tacos

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bigpan May 9, 2014
The recipe calls for baking in the oven, but depending on what fish you use, certainly you can do on a bbq grill. Halibut can stand up to not crumbling when grilled, whereas a thinner lighter fish like tilapia might not do so well.
IF you are using a lighter bodied fish you can put it on some tin foil on the grill or do in a grilling basket so if it does crumble a bit you will capture all the pieces relatively intact.
Although the recipe suggests microwaving the tortillas, after just getting home from a Mexican vacation with a tour by a chef, you can warm the tortillas in a non-oiled frying pan on high heat for about 10-15 seconds per side. Do one by one and hold them in covered in a kitchen towel. You can also consider using flour tortillas done the same way in a frying pan.
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