What's a good healthy fish to grill.

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G1G1626 May 21, 2011
Salmon, Sable Fish, Chilean Sea Bass, Steal Head Trout, Arctic Char, Halibut, Swordfish... oh man, this list could go on for days!
ChefJune May 19, 2011

That leaves out tilapia. It's not a "Seafood Choice."

ChefJune May 19, 2011
Grilling a whole wild salmon is a life-changing experience. No matter what you've thought about the fish before, the open-fire cooking really does miraculous things to the flavor. And it is SO impressive to serve. Striped bass is another gorgeous one. And we love grilled bluefish.
CookOnTheFly May 19, 2011
Salmon, tuna, tilapia, swordfish. The firm ones work well directly on the grill or in a basket, on a cedar plank or in foil. If you have one of those fancy contraptions sold to make fish on the grill - the basket thing that allows you to just flip it over - then you can use more delicate, flaky fish. Of course if you are smoking it, using wood chips or a cedar plank - trout can't be beat!
SitkaSalmon May 18, 2011
A wild king salmon is hard to beat; don't worry about its native river. Troll caught are the highest quality: no net bruising, immediately bled, cleaned and iced. The care is reflected in the retail price.Kings are being caught by trollers from Half Moon Bay, CA, to Yakutat, AK as I type.
SKK May 18, 2011
Salmon! And Copper River salmon is now available in the Northwest - it is the best.
Kristen M. May 18, 2011
Anything that isn't too delicate or flaky -- good bets would be salmon, swordfish, tuna or even sturdier white fish like tilapia. Just be sure to check the sustainability ratings at Whole Foods' fish counter and aim for the green ones!
wssmom May 18, 2011
Tuna steaks are swesome on the grill; salmon is a personal favorite as well. If you have one of those hinged fish-grills, you can do just about any fish
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