coconut pound cake

I have searched and it appears there is no unsweetened coconut in my area. Could I use sweetened and reduce the sugar in the recipe, is so, by how much? Thanks



spiffypaws May 16, 2014
I've exp the same issue a few times. Cut the sugar by 10 percent.
ChefJune May 15, 2014
I can't imagine you can't find unsweetened, shredded coconut. I've also ordered it online. Health food stores have it, Whole Foods has it, even some "regular" supermarkets have it. The sweetened coconut -- in addition to adding too much "sugar" to the cake, is loaded with preservatives that I think impart an "off" taste. Use it at your own risk.
peach49 May 16, 2014
Not all of us live near a Whole Foods, or for that matter, a Health Food store. Per your suggestion, I ordered on line, thank you
HalfPint May 15, 2014
Have you tried a health food store and looked for "dessicated coconut"?

Anyhoo, I would use a little less sweetened coconut, but leave the amount of sugar alone. This is a cake recipe and I try not to change base ingredients of the recipe, like the sugar and the fat. Sugar is a tenderizer in baked goods because it absorbs water and inhibits flour gluten development.
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