Question about Alice Medrich's temper-free chocolate bark: I have unsweetened chocolate and want to use it up. How do I incorporate sugar into it?

Callebaut unsweetened chocolate slab (but old and needs to be used up). Large-grain "raw" sugar. Can I just mix the sugar into the melting chocolate and the grains remain intact; or does the sugar need to be melted first? I don't need much; I plan to fold in crispy rice cereal, which is sweetened. Thanks!

  • Posted by: sydney
  • November 11, 2016


Lindsay-Jean H. November 15, 2016
I would melt the sugar and the chocolate together — did you already make your bark sydney? How did it turn out?
sydney November 15, 2016
Thanks, Lindsay-Jean!

I waited and waited but never got any answer :-( and my kids were getting annoyed and annoying me, so I went hunting and found a fabulous answer on this site where a lot of pro chefs answer questions. The answer was so smart and 'duh, face-palm' common sense:

You melt much sweeter chocolate together with the unsweetened chocolate. Isn't that clever? Made the temper-free bark (dead-easy recipe; people need to do it for the holidays) and it's great!

Plus, the answer gives a fabulous explanation of how chocolate is made, so you understand why you wouldn't want to throw sugar in. I'm so happy and can now use up the unsweetened chocolate I should never have bought.

Cheers! :-)
Lindsay-Jean H. November 15, 2016
I'm sorry you never got an answer here :( but happy you found one all the same and that your bark turned out well!
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