Best places to eat in Boston or not to miss for vegetarians?

We are travelling to Boston for the first time, and I wanted to eat my way for the holidays and not miss any good places in Boston. Right now I have on my list - Flour Bakery, Sofra . Please let me know some cool places, food trucks, etc..

Devangi Raval
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dinner A. May 20, 2014
Hi PistachioDoughnut,

Both Oleana and Sarma, restaurants run by the same chef (Ana Sortun) and pastry chef (Maura Kilpatrick) as Sofra, are really wonderful, both serving food based in Turkish cuisine and great for vegetarians (which I mostly am).

Area Four is a great fancy pizza place in Kendall Square with an offshoot that I actually prefer (usually more exciting pizza toppings I think) near Union Square in Somerville. The cafe attached to the original restaurant also has excellent coffee and pastries.

True Bistro in Somerville serves elegant vegan food, which is happily eaten by quite a few carnivores as well. The chef used to work at Millenium, a somewhat famous vegan restaurant in San Francisco, and the food at True Bistro is reminiscent of that.

Burdick's in Harvard Square serves legendary thick, rich hot chocolate. Their baked sweets are good too.

Clover Food Lab started out as a single food truck that parked by MIT, and now has multiple trucks and brick and mortar locations around the area, serving good all vegetarian pita sandwiches plus a few salads, drinks, etc. Not necessarily a destination but good to keep in mind for lunch if you're near one of their locations.

I know Flour Bakery has gotten a lot of attention, but I would actually say the same about it -- their stuff is good, but not that unusual; worth a stop if you're hungry nearby.
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