good substitute of golden balsamic vinegar?

preparing the Strawberry Balsamic and Olive Oil Breakfast Cake

Mi Ri
  • Posted by: Mi Ri
  • May 24, 2014


Lee S. June 23, 2014
Its easy to make your own golden balsamic vinegar.
Just use white balsamic vinegar, add sugar and reduce to a syrupy consistency. Makes a lovely glaze and looks nicer on some dishes than traditional (dark) balsamc.
drbabs May 26, 2014
I've made this cake, and if you use a very acidic vinegar, the cake will taste sour. Like pierino, I think aged balsamic would be a great substitute. Otherwise,you could try rice wine vinegar, which seems to have a gentler acidity.
ATG117 May 25, 2014
I would sub with either white wine vinegar or rice vinegar. If using the former you may want to up the sugar slightly as well. Regular balsamic vinegar will affect the color of the cake.

Also, see this:
trampledbygeese May 25, 2014
mmmm... strawberries and vinegar, with just a pinch of salt - best combination ever!

Personally I love regular rich, dark coloured balsamic with strawberries. The flavour of those two together is so completely perfect that it's difficult to justify using any other vinegar...

...unless you are aiming for a specific colour of the finished dish, or like I often do, you run out of dark balsamic. Then, my order of preference is: White or golden balsamic, wine vinegars, sherry vinegar worked nice once, and even rice vinegar used in Japanese cooking can be quite tasty. Basically any natural (aka, fermented or brewed) vinegar will work in a pinch. White vin, or vinegars based on white vin not so much - like sometimes we use to get mault vin here, it was white vin with malt flavour added, yucky.

Personally, I find apple cider and malt a bit strong for this combination, it can still work in a pinch.
Laurie15 May 25, 2014
I'm pretty sure that golden balsamic vinegar is the same as white balsamic vinegar (not to be confused with white vinegar). I would use that if you have access to it -- it has a completely different taste than a traditional dark balsamic vinegar (though I think the latter would taste good in the recipe, too).
pierino May 24, 2014
I don't exactly understand the need for golden balsamic here anyway. A traditional aged balsamic goes very well with strawberries. So would an aged Spanish jerez.
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