I have a bunch of red lettuce from my CSA. Any fun recipes out there? I'm tired of making salads with it.

Red Lettuce

  • Posted by: Danee
  • May 28, 2014


Laurie15 May 30, 2014
I get loads of leaf lettuce in my CSA, as well, and after so many salads/sandwiches, I clued in that it was amazing cooked, too. Use it like you would other greens -- it is delicious in stir fry.

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Kukla May 28, 2014
You can also try this recipe; https://food52.com/recipes/19023-shalotta-mom-s-pickled-lettuce-condiment
cookbookchick May 29, 2014
I was also going to suggest Kukla's Shalotta recipe. So different, so delicious!
sdebrango May 28, 2014
Liz the Chef, a regular here on Food52 and she also has a great blog just posted a recipe that sounds amazing for red lettuce soup. Here is the link to her blog http://lizthechef.com/
Lindsay-Jean H. May 28, 2014
There are a lot of ideas for using an overload of lettuce in this thread: https://food52.com/hotline/20702-i-m-overwhelmed-with-green-leaf-lettuce-from-my-csa-anyone-have-a-suggestion-for-a-dish-other-than-s
HalfPint May 28, 2014
Use as you would any lettuce:

-low carb, gluten free wrapper. think Asian and use the lettuce to wrap grilled meats or tofu, with some grated carrots, bean sprouts, mint leaves, cilantro, etc. Dip your wrap/roll in a peanut sauce or sweet chili sauce, etc. Like Vietnamese summer rolls, lettuce 'cups', burritos

- as lettuce in sandwiches

- noodle salad bowls

I don't recommend any heating because the red lettuce isn't usually very sturdy and will wilt to nothing. And the beautiful color turns brownish and unappetizing.
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