Duck eggs! Our CSA farmer threw in a half dozen duck eggs today. What shall I do with them?



Declan June 3, 2014
Sorry to disagree ... Duck eggs are not the same as chicken eggs. Please read the attached link
mainecook61 May 29, 2014
Custard. Ice cream. Custard sauce. I have three Khaki Campbell ducks and lots of eggs. However, not everyone loves them, with their big yolks and more viscous quality. The eggs from my ducks are so intensely colored that a hollandaise sauce is orange in hue! I like them best for baking.
Pegeen May 29, 2014
As Lindley mentions, I read that duck eggs are wonderful for cake / baking. Enjoy.
TobiT May 29, 2014
Scrambled egg or omelet. Duck eggs are so rich and creamy!
lindley May 29, 2014
Make pound cake. The larger, fattier eggs make the cake denser and sooo delicious!
Jan W. May 29, 2014
I would soft boil them and eat out of the shell, with thin 'soldiers' of toasted bread.
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jstew52 May 29, 2014
Treat them as chicken eggs! My husband likes them better than chicken eggs when fried - says they taste richer. They are a bit more viscous coming out of the shell.
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