Any good vegetarian or vegan diet plans?

  • Posted by: anella
  • June 16, 2014


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dinner A. June 17, 2014
Hi anella,
From your hotline questions, it sounds like you're undergoing a major re-evaluation of your eating habits, and this has made you pretty anxious and uncertain about food choices. I like this simplifying maxim the food writer Michael Pollan wrote in his very good book The Omnivore's Dilemma: "Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much." He elaborates on this in his book, most importantly that "eat food" partly means minimally processed food (i.e. Frosted Flakes may be mostly plant-based but definitely shouldn't be a major part of your diet), but I think the very reductive maxim is clarifying and calming about how to choose a good diet. There are a lot of exotic diet theories that can make choosing good food seem very complicated, but there isn't good evidence that any of them are beneficial.

I also want to suggest -- don't forget that food should be delicious! If food doesn't taste good, you won't feel satisfied and will be more likely to eat too much (as well as missing out on a big pleasure of life). This is the point that the Food52 site is really suited to. There are tons of great recipes on the site that are plant-based and draw their flavor from vegetables, herbs, spices, and moderate amounts of fat and salt, rather than relying heavily on meat and copious fat.

Best of luck with your new eating plans!

SMSF June 17, 2014
To add to Susan's response above, you may want to consult with a nutritionist on some of these detailed questions that are more about nutrition and food choices vs. cooking. Just a thought!
Susan W. June 16, 2014
I could be wrong because I am new here but such meal plans would be found on vvegetarian or vegan sites. Food52 is more of a "how do I cook this" or "best recipe ever" kind of site.
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