Savory peach dishes

I just bought many peaches and want to use some of them for something besides desserts. I've already got a terrific salsa recipe, but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for the addition of peaches to savory dishes.

  • Posted by: jblong
  • June 17, 2014


amysarah June 18, 2014
Prosciutto and peaches are lovely - just wrap or drape it over peach slices. Also, a salad with arugula, sliced peaches, prosciutto, shaved parmesan cheese and a sherry or red wine vinaigrette is really good.
Taylor S. June 18, 2014
A salad of peach, ricotta, and greens is always refreshing.
Bec42 June 18, 2014
With chicken, preferably thighs, scallions and harissa or chinese five spice over couscous. I'd make on stovetop but would also be great grilled if you have BBQ. Also would be good with rosemary and/or thyme Or grilled/broiled and served with ricotta (or goat cheese) and sage on crostini.
savorthis June 17, 2014
Last summer I got really into making various "snows" made savory from herbed goat cheese, or sweet from coconut milk. I think grilled peaches with this "goat cheese snow" would be great with some grilled chicken: I also like to brush apricot or peach halves with a mix of mustard, rosemary and apricot preserves and broil or grill them as a side.
Nancy June 17, 2014
Make peach chutney or salsa, then use on curries or tacos. Mix with cream cheese or creme fraiche and scallions for nice dip or spread. Make a savory cheesecake using pesto or Stilton, and top with peaches (fresh slice or lightly poached).
Maedl June 17, 2014
You can use it on pizza--make pizza dough, roll and shape it, and brush with olive oil. Top with sliced peaches (or figs), prosciutto, and fresh goat cheese. Bake til golden and juicy.
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