How to cut red pepper



bigpan January 15, 2012
I usually cut the top with a paring knife as that allows you to pull off the top with the seeds and core intact. Then you can cut strips for dips or chunks for a stir fry. Store in a plastic storage box with a piece of paper toweling.
jmburns January 15, 2012
If they hot peppers, use gloves cut off top and slit the side. Remove seeds and internal
spinesrhis where most of the heat is. Chop, mince, cut into rings or however you want them. Wearing gloves keeps you from inadvertently touching your eyes or other areas of your body and getting burned. Dairy is the best way to stop the burning.
Sam1148 January 15, 2012
A bell pepper? I place it vertically and go down the sides with the knife in small vertical slices, leaving behind the core with the seeds. Then use the knife to remove any ribs from those slices and either dice or julliane.

Then I use the cap that's remaining, slicing depending on the recipe.

A hot pepper do what you want...but I suggest wearing gloves.
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