Does anyone have experience/advice for making Injera?

I LOVE Injera. But the only recipes I can find online are severely lacking. Does anyone have any advice? Or a good recipe?

  • Posted by: marmar
  • July 2, 2014


EAB July 18, 2019
I have made this video as it worked for me. It took me several trials and viewing other videos though
Monkey July 6, 2014
Adding cooked batter produces a softer, lighter and more flexible injera. This is important as injera is also used as a utensil to scoop up delicious stews and vegetables. Injera without the addition of cooked batter tends to be brittle and dry. I just made some this weekend and I must say it is the best I have made by far. I used a small electric crepe maker and a glass pot lid. I used the highest heat setting ( this might depend on the brand you are using as mine tended not to get as hot as I liked). Also made mesr wat (split lentils stew).... my new addiction. I like to eat it cold out of the fridge with injera warmed a little in the microwave or oven.
Nancy July 6, 2014
Joan Nathan (p 98 in Jewish Cooking in America) has a no- fuss recipe used by Ethiopian immigrants. So far I haven't found it on web. Try Amazon "look inside" or library.
Monkey July 3, 2014
Sounds great. The addition of cooked batter to the fermented batter is the typical way Ethiopians make it. And this is gluten free! MarenM, let us know how it works out for you.
Droplet July 3, 2014
Thank you very much for sharing your recipe and detailed instructions, Monkey (and to the Ethiopian lady who shared with you). Ever since I first saw the step of cooking part of the batter and adding it back to the rest, I have been curious regarding the significance of this step. In traditional wheat based breads this produces a softer than usual bread because it deactivates part of the gluten. But teff is gluten free. Do you happen to have any insight as to why this is done?
Linda M. July 3, 2014 this works perfectly, made from 3/4 ivory teff and 1/4 brown teff.
Monkey July 2, 2014
marmar July 2, 2014
Thanks so much! This looks awesome!
Monkey July 2, 2014
I will be posting a recipe in this thread later today.
Monkey July 2, 2014
I found that using barley flour combined with teff gives the best results. You might also want to use the ivory teff instead of the brown.
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