I'm making stuffing that calls for Spanish chorizo but all I can find is Portugese chorizo. Any advice for making the substitution?

  • Posted by: missb503
  • December 10, 2011


pierino December 11, 2011
Mexican chorizo is much, much softer. If you are using it in cooking you will want a semi-cured variety such as Dona Juana's Chorizo Bilbao. I've been patronizing her plant (which is now in Harbor City, CA) for more than 20 years. They make really terrific regional Spanish sausages. You can order them at www.donajuana.com

The fully cured chorizos (Spanish or Portuguese) don't really cook up well. Although you might be able to find a Portuguese style luganega which is soft enough to work with.

Sam1148 December 11, 2011
I wish I had that problem, all I can find is Mexican Chorizo. (which is what I think submitter is referring too), it's far more spicy than the "Spanish/Portuguese" style with more chili heat than Spanish style.
gigiaxline December 11, 2011
You can get Spanish chorizo at Whole Foods - under the Dona Juan brand - called Chorizo Sarta.
Adeline December 11, 2011
Thank you. I always wondered where I could buy Spanish chorizo.

RobertaJ December 10, 2011
As Bigpan says, Spanish and Portugese chorizos are virtuallyl identical; they're both dried sausages with similar spices. It's the Mexican chorizo that differs greatly....it's a fresh sausage, not dried, and usually more chile-laden.
bigpan December 10, 2011
Go ahead - from my travels to both Portugal and Spain they are virtually the same. Might be a bit of difference in color but that is only due to the amount of paprika in the sausage.
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