halibut steak - without an oven....

Hello all! Halibut steak was on sale for $10 (as opposed to $24) per pound, so I grabbed a pound of it - without realizing that I have only ever cooked halibut in an oven (searing on stovetop and finishing in the oven). But the oven is forbidden to me by my husband during the summer, so I need help!

I was thinking to cut it into cubes and cook it over low heat in some butter (a Melissa Clark recipe)?

Then I was thinking to maybe press some hash browns onto the top and cook it like cod in a cast iron skillet?

Any suggestions for me?



Pegeen July 5, 2014
puttakka, my apologies. The link I included in my post, for poaching fish, required oven use after a stove-top beginning. I suspect that if you followed the 2nd section in the link for doing shellfish on stove-top, it would work for fish as well.
Pegeen July 5, 2014
I think poaching on the stove top was already mentioned, but here's a helpful article by Amanda, "Poaching in Olive Oil"
This is just me, but being forbidden to do something would make me hell-bent on doing it. I'd probably go out and buy a second oven and keep both of them fired up all the time. :-) Your husband should kiss you for watching the sale prices.
Sam1148 July 4, 2014
Get a toaster oven...or a better husband.
mstv July 3, 2014
Cook it on the grill. You can adapt this recipe for the grill: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/30/dining/30feedrex.html
saragrad July 3, 2014
Not sure if you have already cooked the halibut but this recipe is SOOOOOO good!
aargersi July 3, 2014
I would poach it in olive oil with some aromatics and some citrus:

bigpan July 2, 2014
Not only can you grill it, and should, you can also do the old college trick - wrap in a couple layers of tin foil and put in the top rack of your dishwasher (with suitable herbs and spices).
Personally, I have never done anything this way but I've heard of this method since the 60's and can't find anyone to dispute the method. No dishes or soap !
Susan W. July 2, 2014
I LOVE halibut fish tacos in the summer. Fresh, simple and light. I usually fire up the grill for the fih and heat my tortillas up when the fish is barely cooked through. Grilled lime halves make an awesome side along with sliced avocados, thinly shredded cabbage mixed with sour cream, lime juice and cilantro.
savorthis July 2, 2014
I would just salt/pepper and brown in butter and serve with some chopped mango and an tasty sauce (https://food52.com/recipes/17283-almond-crusted-mahi-mahi-with-coconut-basil-sauce).

We also love using halibut in a bouillabaisse type fondue. Cook onions, garlic, lemongrass, ginger and add tomatoes and broth and herbs then we cook cubed fish and shrimp in the broth fondue-style. Serve with crusty bread, an aioli and a rouille.
Maedl July 2, 2014
I'd grill it or saute it in butter and garlic--it is simple but good. You can add some herbas, of course.
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