Hash brown Cups with eggs, is it possible to cook together?

I forgot to bake the hash brown cups beforehand and just put it in the oven with the egg to cook together. It should be fine.... right?



Julia February 6, 2020
I would think so! You may want to bake at a lower temp for a little longer so as to not overcook the eggs. How did it turn out?
Kitagues February 6, 2020
Not bad, but the bottoms were soft, so I just pan fried it for a bit. Definitely won't forget to bake the hash browns first though next time 😅 thank you~
LeBec F. February 11, 2020
plse describe the resulting eggs; are the yolks runny or hard? how did you bake them?
p.s. Smart solution for making the bottoms crunchy!
le bec fin
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