Repurposing quick bread

I have a loaf of zucchini bread that stuck to the pan (first time in roughly 20 years of this recipe!). I hate to waste it....any ideas for repurposing? If it had been a cake I would make a trifle, etc.




drbabs July 7, 2014
Christina Tosi of Momofuko Milk Bar uses leftover cake in cookies. I had some leftover maple cake (like a quick bread) and used her ideas to create this recipe:

Zucchini bread cookies! Good luck.
amysarah July 6, 2014
Unless you need to serve it in a situation where neatness counts, I'd just get as big chunks as possible out of the pan, slice, toast, and butter them and have yourself a cup of tea. Rough or not, it will still be tasty! If you can only get it out in small pieces, maybe incorporate them into a topping for a fruit crumble.
ATG117 July 6, 2014
You can still use it in a trifle. Just try to balance out the sweetness. A greek yogurt, very lightly sweetened and mixed with orange zest might work well, or a lightly sweetened whip cream. You can then layer in some pistachios or other nuts. Cake balls, if you're a fan of such things (which I'm not), is another option.
Nancy July 6, 2014
2 uses spring to mind - bread pudding with the zucchini bread instead of stale regular bread(reduce or omit sugar in a regular bread pudding recipe); ice cream parfait with the zucchini bread as toasted crumbles, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce. Enjoy!
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