My husband is an Argentina Jew and he loves a certain Jewish pasta dish his grandmother makes. It is a pressed/dried pasta called "farfalej." It is not boiled, but sauteed with onion and then you add water/broth. When I tried to find it here I cannot figure out the name in English. Any ideas??

  • Posted by: KLL5
  • September 13, 2010


Ana S. April 13, 2021
I did not find it here in Dublin either, but the recipe is 1 kg of flour with one spoon of salt and 3 eggs, you mix it altogether and once ready you put it through a big grater!!! and that's it, you have the home-made ones.
pierino September 13, 2010
"Farfel" was also the name of a canine puppet character on the Milton Berle show (I'm not making this up). You could substitute israeli couscous.
phyllis September 13, 2010
Yes, it is farfel. My grandmother used to cook this for us all the time just as the question-asker described. Hmm. It's been decades since I ate it. Time for a new side dish.
KLL5 September 13, 2010
Yes, that is exactly it. That soup recipe looks amazing too. Thank you!
Merrill S. September 13, 2010
I think it's just called farfel here. And I believe it's the same thing as "egg barley," which I actually wrote a blog post about several months ago:
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