Call it what you want, it's just corn oil.

Uh, it's neither magic nor a secret recipe. She just made corn oil. Unrefined corn oil. Duh!!! Are people really that daft in the culinary field? People have been doing this for eons! And she takes 15 minutes to do this with an interview with the so called "creator" of this "magic" one ingredient corn butter recipe. Pure sensationalism of the very simple process of making nothing more than corn oil. Click bait!

Lyle Keven Nicholson


creamtea August 20, 2020
I disagree, there is starch and sugars in the mix. The strained liquid is cooked down to a custard, the proteins bind together. You don't have to make it!
Happygoin August 20, 2020
Bad bowl of porridge this morning, Lyle?
HalfPint August 20, 2020
Sounds like someone needs a hug 🤗
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