trying to come up with a recipe for chipotle sauce

I have ingredients to make chipotle sauce that I like but do not have measurements of each,
chipotles, water, sugar, oranges, lemons, bacon, butter, onion, & balsamic vinegar. This sauce is delicious and would love to recreate it.

  • Posted by: Nan
  • July 15, 2014


Susan W. July 15, 2014
It sounds good. Is this something prepared commercially? I ask because you can often google with the name of company or restaurant and add "copycat" to your search, someone may have posted a recipe for it.
Nan July 15, 2014
it is, a small company
very delicious I will try
ChefJune July 15, 2014
There might be some ideas for you in one or another of the recipes here:
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