Can these be made with brown rice flour? Or some other gluten-free flour? Any adjustments? Thanks!



Shuna L. July 17, 2014
There are so many gluten-free flours out there now so it's pretty easy to make your own mix. I make my own so that depending on what I'm making - sweet or savory, I can change the mix profile. I suggest starting here:

My experience is that you do not need xantham gum unless you are making cakes - it can help tenderize a baked good - but it is very expensive, and not always necessary. For a GF shortcake I would consider these flours: oat, sorghum, potato (& potato starch), chestnut, sweet white rice (aka mochi), buckwheat, teff, coconut (but not too much!) and medium cornmeal. Maybe not all of them, but a mixture to your liking...

I stay away from GF flour mixes because a lot of them have "meaningless" (nutritionally and flavor-wise) starches, or, worse yet - legume flours - which taste awful in sweet baked goods.

To be fair, a shortcake is a very simple thing to make GF - you just want to really make sure to have large pieces of butter visible, a little extra baking soda and baking powder (GF baking is notoriously dense), and deliciously sour buttermilk. also remember that GF flours do not attract as much heat in the oven, so protect your baked good babies from over baking if you're looking for the more familiar "golden" highlights. Best of luck!
Modern F. July 17, 2014
Thanks so much Liza for your reply! I do not have a lot of experience with gluten free baking, so it is wonderful to have someone with your expertise chime in. I appreciate it!!
Liza's K. July 17, 2014
No problem! Gluten free baking can be pretty tricky. Sometimes recipes need to be changed a little so whatever you're making doesn't turn out like bricks - if that happens, I'd try adding a little more fat.
Liza's K. July 17, 2014
I wouldn't recommend using brown rice flour for biscuits (the texture will be off and it is usually a sweeter flour), but instead would use a blend such as Bob's Red Mill GF Blend. You will need to add xantham gum (if the blend you choose does not already have it) at 1/4 tsp per cup of flour.
Frances C. July 17, 2014
Thanks so much. I will try it this week-end!
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