Can the gluten-free sandwich bread be made with all purpose or bread flour?

Delois Burney Ward


Lori T. July 15, 2019
Not if you want it to remain a gluten free bread, you can't. All wheat products contain gluten, as do rye, barley, and triticale. You also need to take care with oats, although they themselves don't contain gluten they are often processed in plants which also handle wheat or other gluten containing grains. Recipes for making gluten free bread don't work with the gluten containing grains either. If you want to make regular sandwich bread, there are plenty of recipes to do just that.
Delois B. July 16, 2019
My question should have been, could NON-Gluten bread be made with this recipe by using all purpose flour instead of gluten-free flour. I do not need Gluten-free. OR do you have a sandwich bread recipe, preferable for a bread machine.
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