I don't have a 9-inch square pan. What other size pan could work?



maryvelasquez July 21, 2014
Thanks, Kristen Miglore and Diana B. Given the tons of bakeware I have, I was surprised not to have something on hand I was confident would work with this particular cake. I thought 8-inch sq. and 9-inch round would not be large enough. I ended up using a 9-inch round pan that is 3 inches deep. I had to extend the baking time significantly and the pecans did not become golden. I don't yet know how it tastes because I'm bringing it to a party later. I'll see how it baked through and let you know.
maryvelasquez July 21, 2014
It was great!
Diana B. July 20, 2014
You might find this link worth bookmarking for pan size equivalencies: http://www.joyofbaking.com/PanSizes.html
Kristen M. July 20, 2014
What size pans do you have? An 8-inch pan should also work, with a longer baking time, but if the sides of your pan are shallow and it's looking full, you may want to hold back a bit of the batter. Round pans would work too.
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