freezing homemade chicken nuggets

I'm making homemade chicken nuggets by putting some chicken breast and some herbs & eggs in a food pro and then breading them. I feel like I'll have more nuggets then I need. Any reason I can't freeze the uncooked nuggets and fry them up straight out of the freezer later on?



kimhw July 29, 2014
I do this every time tenders are on sale. I bread a bake a ton. Just 3-5 minutes before you would pull them out to eat that night, I pull them out to cool and freeze.
To reheat I use a high over for just 7-10 minutes.
Liza's K. July 28, 2014
You can definitely freeze extra chicken nuggets. I'd recommend cooking them prior to freezing though. Wait until they are completely cook prior to putting them in ziploc bags and they are good in the freezer (assuming yours doesn't fluctuate in temperature) for up to 9 months (per
Emily N. July 28, 2014
Hi Daniel! If you were starting out with previously frozen chicken breasts, I would advise you to cook them all up at once, and save the leftovers in your freezer or fridge. I was taught in Culinary school and my food safety course that it is best to not re-freeze previously frozen meat, because of oitentially hazardous bacteria growth.

On the other hand, if you were using fresh chicken breasts, freezing the uncooked meat shouldn't be a problem. You'll want to start by laying the nuggets on a pan in your freezer so that they can freeze individually. Once frozen, you can put them in a sealed bad or container. Then, use them up within a week or two.
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