cherry eau-de-vie vs cherry heering

A cherry tart recipe calls for Kirsch (cherry eau-de-vie). Can cherry heering be substituted. I researched it and the heering has half the alcohol but is sweeter.... Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • August 5, 2014


Maedl August 5, 2014
You could use the sweeter cherry heering, but I think it might tend toward cloying if you are using sweet cherries. Do you have rum or perhaps something like Cointreau? I think either one might add a zip that cherry heering lacks.
Nancy August 6, 2014
Agree with Maedl. But/and if you want to use the cherry heering, you can reduce sugar elsewhere in recipe - filling, pastry, sour instead of sweet cherries.
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