Can I make a roux a day ahead of time when making étouffée

  • Posted by: GMaria
  • August 5, 2014


Declan August 8, 2014
Make a buerre manier (equal parts butter and flour, mixed to a smooth consistency) and when cooked out the next day, it becomes a roux. So, yes, you can
aargersi August 6, 2014
You could also pre-toast the flour then make the roux as needed and it will go much more quickly - I do that for my gumbo:
DrCrankyPants August 5, 2014
Roux keeps very well. If you don't make it frequently, be careful as it may continue to darken once you turn off the heat. When using it immediately, you can stop the cooking by adding the chopped veg, but I have had roux go from peanut butter to dark chocolate in color by leaving it in the pan (but off of heat).
sfmiller August 5, 2014
Sure can. You might consider making a double or triple batch and freezing the rest. The roux keeps in the freezer for many months, and it doesn't take much longer to make a big batch than a small one.
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