How do you dry home grown hot peppers?

Joanie Asendorf


trampledbygeese August 11, 2014
For several years I threaded them like Joy mentions, but now I leave them in a small basket on the counter. Eventually the day comes when I go to use them and it's dry, so after that I put them in a jar, stems and all.

If I have too many peppers, fresh or dry, then I make a fermented hot sauce with or without garlic:
healthierkitchen August 11, 2014
has anyone dried jalapenos this way?
SKK August 9, 2014
The first question is how do you use your dried peppers? I use them ground up.

The way I favor is cutting the peppers in slices and putting them in my dehydrator. When dry I grind them, put them in a jar in the spice cupboard and we are good to go.
Dave O. August 8, 2014
In the oven, cover a cookie sheet w parchment paper and place oven on lowest setting with a wooden spoon in the top of the door to keep it cracked. Should take half a day or so, but well worth it in the winter when you still have them. (Please make sure the wooden spoon is not in contact w heating element)
Susan W. August 7, 2014
Hanging dry as Joy suggested is fun and they look very cool. You can also dry them in the sun, in an oven or in a dehydrator if you own one. It really depends what will work best for you.
Joy M. August 7, 2014
I cut my thai, super hots and cayenne pepper with a quarter inch stem left on. I take a regular needle and thread and thread them together to make a string of peppers, with enough thread to make a loop for hanging. I hang them in a dry spot in the pantry. After completely drying, I ziplock them and they are ready for crushing and or grinding for recipes throughtout the year. I also crush a bunch of mixed and place them in a cheese shaker for everyday use.
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Meaghan F. August 7, 2014
I've done the same with my cayennes. Google "ristra" and explore the options.
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