Dessert ideas for a woodland-themed baby shower?

I'm in charge of desserts for a baby shower this October, and would like ideas for desserts that loosely connect with the woodland theme (So chocolate hazelnut tart=yes, lemon meringue pie=no). I'd briefly considered doing a Bûche de Nöel and meringue mushrooms, and then I decided that was a little much.

So, ideas for slightly less involved desserts? How many do you think I need? Would especially love suggestions for desserts that could be made ahead of time and be frozen. Thanks!

Lindsay-Jean Hard


amysarah August 12, 2014
In Nigella Lawson's book Feast, there's a trifle version of a Black Forest Cake - recipe for a Black Cherry Chocolate Trifle. Haven't made it, but chocolate cake and custard, cherries, what's not to like?
klrcon August 11, 2014
I'd go with any kind of mixed berry tart or cake or even ice cream and use the Italian term frutti 'd bosca, which literally means fruits of the forest, but in actually refers to mixed berry desserts. By the way, I love the idea of a woodland themed shower - that's unusual. Also, for some reason I'm thinking gingerbread because it reminds me of Hansel and Gretel and wasn't that set in the forest? Ok, that might be a stretch! But gingerbread is easy to make and stores well.
ButterSugarFlowers August 11, 2014
These one-bowl, mixer-free mulberry oat cookies are rather "woodsy" with whole wheat flour, oats, browned butter, nutmeg, and delicious, toothsome dried mulberries. The dough balls can be frozen and baked the day of or before the event (in fact the dough bakes better when frozen):
And, as someone else mentioned: Mushroom-shaped meringues for sure! They are easy and will last, stored in airtight containers at room temp, for at least a week or two.
Susan W. August 10, 2014
Pumpkin cheesecake bars with a gingersnap crust. They freeze beautifully.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 10, 2014
Such great ideas, thank you all!!
Mrs B. August 8, 2014
Don't forget, dearie, that for a group that size, you'll want to include dessert options that are (not all at once, of course) gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and nut-free.
Greenstuff August 8, 2014
Fascinating to see what says "woodland" to different people. It made me wonder if others had gone through a similar search, and I found this amazing pinterest take. I especially liked the hedgehog cookies. And notice the meringue mushrooms on a simple chocolate cake (at least I'm assuming it's simpler than a Bûche de Nöel).
Elisabeth August 8, 2014
Cookies are an easy-to-make, easy-to-eat dessert that you can readily customize. You can make some shaped like pumpkins, mushrooms, moose, and trees to meet the woodland theme. Tastewise, I would go with warm, autumnal flavors, such as gingerbread, snickerdoodles, pumpkin, or chocolate + nuts.
HalfPint August 8, 2014
I don't know how much of a Woodland-theme this might be, but how about a chocolate trifle, maybe with some walnuts or hazelnut? You can make the components the day before and assemble the morning of the shower.
ChefJune August 8, 2014
I'm thinking rustic since you mentioned "woodland." A cranberry walnut tart would be delicious and seasonal. Good ole' Pecan Pie could also qualify! Apple pie with crumb topping (serve it warm with a hunk of good Cheddar for a topping) is very autumnal.
amysarah August 8, 2014
Hard to say what quantity, without the number of guests (and if dessert follows a light lunch/brunch or bigger meal)...but for ideas - in Oct. you'll have apples, pears, Italian plums all available, so maybe a rustic-looking fruit & walnut tart/galette? Pastry can be made ahead and frozen. Scraps can be hand cut into twigs/leaves, sugared and baked for decoration.

For your theme, Chocolate Bark, studded with dried cranberries, nuts, etc. would work. Also, any cookies in leaf shapes (I have a maple leaf cookie cutter - think they're pretty easy to find.)
Lindsay-Jean H. August 8, 2014
Oops, thanks, definitely forgot to share crucial information! There will be 50 people, and yes, dessert will follow lunch!
Nancy August 8, 2014
How many? suggest min 3 to answer different tastes/textures: one pie, one cake, one other - squares, chocolate truffles (very woodland, no?), pudding, etc. For woodland theme, I see berries (not too late in some parts of country), herbs, tree or bark (cinnamon or pine), herb flavors, maybe a trompe l'oeil like the "dirt" in some of Ferran Adria and molecular cuisines.
Nancy August 8, 2014
Given you have 50, raise minimum # to 4, if everyone gets 1 regular size serving. Make 5 or 6 if you want to serve everyone a taste of 2 or 3. Keep variety by type.
VanessaJo August 8, 2014
Maybe a rosemary or lavender shortbread?
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