Cappuccino Cheesecake

My son would like to make this for his office. Would it work to scale it up by using 4 packages of cream cheese, increasing other ingredients by one third, and baking it in an 11-inch spring form? Thanks!



ATG117 August 10, 2014
The answer is, if you're scaling up all ingredients by the same factor and doing it corrctly, it should be fine. Just note, that your cooking time will be different. So check often enough.
boulangere August 10, 2014
The volumetric difference between a 10" and an 11" springform pan is 21%. So that is your increase calculator for all ingredients, including the cream cheese, which would call for 1.82 pounds - just over 1.75 pounds and shy of 2 pounds. Use the leftover cream cheese on some bagels while the cheesecake is baking.
strawberrygirl August 10, 2014
I'm assuming you're looking at boulangere's recipe on this site, which calls for a 10" springform. Unfortunately 11" springform doesn't seem to be listed on any pan conversion chart I could find, but I did the math and assuming the pans are the same height, an 11" pan would hold about 20% more batter than a 10" pan. So, you'd want to increase ingredients by one fifth. That'll make it easy to scale up the eggs since there are 5 eggs in the recipe, so just add one. The baking time may also vary a bit with a different pan size, so you'll want to be sure to check on it early and keep an eye on it.

For future reference, here's a handy chart that can help with pan conversions for common pan sizes:
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