What would you do with corn stock? I cut the ker las off the cobs and simmered the cobs with aromatics as if making a normal stock.

Anyone have a good corn chowder recipe?



Sam1148 August 11, 2014
I bet it would make a nice addition to a chicken chop suey. With chicken, baby bok choy, onions, bean sprouts..etc.
That usually has those baby corn cobs..so the corn stock should work nicely for the stock if you are not using those baby corn cobs.
ChefJune August 11, 2014
I have a great quinoa recipe that starts by cooking the quinoa in corn stock. :)
AntoniaJames August 11, 2014
Makes amazing black beans, especially when you also use clean husks in the stock. They provide a tremendous flavor boost. ;o)
aargersi August 11, 2014
It's a great way to amp-up the corniness of polenta (traditional or sweet corn like Ottolenghi). I used some to cook red quinoa last week and it was fantastic. It seems like if you boiled your pasta in corn stock it would be pretty fantastic. Anywhere you would use stock really - I am actually a bit obsessed with the stuff and making / freezing it like crazy so I have it through fall (probably use it all by winter!)
Marian B. August 11, 2014
Try making oatmeal with it! (Because why not?)
Lindsay-Jean H. August 10, 2014
There are a few ideas in this article too: https://food52.com/blog/7888-how-to-use-a-whole-ear-of-corn
Practically E. August 10, 2014
You could also use it in any recipe that calls for vegetable stock but with the caveat that you would be changing the flavor a little.
strawberrygirl August 10, 2014
Seconding the suggestions for risotto and corn chowder. You could also use it as part of the liquid for cooking grains.
Susan W. August 9, 2014
Really, anything that you would like a mild corn flavor would work great. I'll bet food52 has a good corn chowder recipe. Just use the search function above and search recipes and/or hot topics.
Elisabeth August 9, 2014
You can make risotto with it - here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLFK5-0fQ6o&list=UUfFI8jIjvIApUACJ3qjax2w. You can use it to make a flavorful corn chowder. You can saute vegetables in it instead of using oil. You can use it as braising liquid for something like slow-cooked collards - good for a Southern-style meal. The possibilities are endless!
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