Rescue potato salad

I'm going to a potluck tonight and cheated by buying a deli potato salad. I knew it was risky but am rushed for time. It is so blah I can't stand it. A friend recommended adding fresh dill and green onion to pep it up. I added the dill but the overwhelming blandness cancels it out.!it is the standard-issue mayonnaise potato salad. Can someone help?

  • Posted by: ATL
  • August 13, 2014


mainecook61 August 13, 2014
Pickle juice from a jar of pickles. Sweet pickles are best but any pickles will do. Works every time.
ATL August 13, 2014
These are all great ideas. I'll start with the Dijon and add some vinegar. I like a piquant potato salad. I can build from there if necessary. I learned my lesson--make my own.
amysarah August 13, 2014
Dijon is a good idea. Also, I find that when something tastes blah the fix is often a hit of acid - no not that kind! Lemon, wine vinegar, whatever, it just brightens flavors. Or, with the dill, tossing in some capers might be good and counteract the bland.
HalfPint August 13, 2014
I like my potato salad to be a bit on the sweet side, so I would recommend adding a tiny bit of sugar.
Nancy August 13, 2014
OK ATL & HalfPint, some like it sweet. Some like it sour - so you could add some good vinegar, open white wine, sumac, lemon or dried mango powder. Or some of sugar & one of this for a sweet/sour balance. And whatever direction you take the flavors, garnish with some nice chopped green herb(s) according to your & the party's preference.
Tarragon August 13, 2014
I like celery seed (along with the mustard).
ATL August 13, 2014
Thanks for the ideas! Yes, I do have Dijon mustard and agree that's a good starting point.
ChefJune August 13, 2014
I would start with Dijon mustard. Actually any good mustard will help. Do you have some on hand?
Dave O. August 13, 2014
Curry is a great idea, or some mustard always peps it up. Fresh cracked pepper is an easy fix. The Green Onions will add some texture, consider something else too. Like fresh diced peppers, even some fresh broccoli, bacon or diced Granny Smith apples dipped in lime juice.
Monita August 13, 2014
Some spices could jazz it up. How about curry powder.
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