How can I fix under cooked polenta?

It looked fine while I was cooking and thickening up nicely. I poured it into a pan and as it cooled and pulled away from the sides, it left polenta on the side of the pan. I'm preparing eggplant stew ( to go with it, but the polenta needs to be firm. Any ideas on getting the moisture out - or firming the polenta up?



THE M. August 28, 2014
Cook some gluten-free pasta shells - don't allow them to be over-cooked, then put them in a colander, drain out all the liquid, and combine with the not-firm-enough polenta. The combined polenta with pasta shells should have the right consistency.
Declan August 19, 2014
I'd sauté it in some herbed, or garlic, butter
Liza's K. August 18, 2014
If there is too much liquid, the only thing you can do it cook it off. I'd recommend putting it in the oven at a low temperature (around 300) and check it often.
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