Do i need a high pressure canner for canning chicken broth. If so presto or all american?

Canning question

Antonella Lucente


ChezHenry August 20, 2014
I'm sure you have your reasons....but...why not just freeze it? I freeze different size ziplock freezer bags worth of my stocks. Concentrated it down also helps-a little goes a long way. Always put a date on the bag-if it seems like it's getting old, I just add them to a new batch of bones and make a double stock. The stock gets richer and richer-I can trace mine back to Hurricane Sandy, when I lost a freezer full of a variety of stocks. If I had canned them, I guess I wouldn't have lost them! Stock is such a key base ingredient, I always utilize it.
Susan W. August 20, 2014
I do freeze it. However, I live in an apt and my freezer is always packed full of meat, stock and backs and necks for future stock. I do have a large pantry that I am planning on filling with home jarred tomatoes and Mrs Wheelbarrow's roasted poblano and tomato salsa. I probably wont purchase the pressure canner and will probably purchase a small apt sized freezer. I still would enjoy opening my pantry and seeing golden jars of stock.
Diana B. August 19, 2014
This might be helpful:
Susan W. August 19, 2014
Because it is a very low acid food, yes, you will need a pressure canner. I will let our experienced canners weigh in on the brand, but I did just read that All American is a good one. My freezer is always full of frozen stock...great idea to can it.
Susan W. August 19, 2014
I just zipped over to Amazon. Holy moly the All Americans are expensive.
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