My sugar topping became very runny after cooling and sitting a couple hours.The peaches weren't super juicy, just nicely ripe and slightly firm. I...

...t is humid here today. How to avoid this next time add more flour? Serve sooner? Please help! Thanks!

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • August 20, 2014
Peach Tart
Recipe question for: Peach Tart


Diana B. August 27, 2014
When I make peach pies or tarts, I always mix the sugar with the peaches and let them macerate at least an hour. Then I drain off the juice and reduce it in a saucepan until it's a bit thick. Let it cool a bit, then return to the peach mixture. You'll still get more juice from the peaches in the cooking process, but less than you would have otherwise.
Nancy August 21, 2014
Since I love this recipe and will be making it a ton until the peaches disappear, I have the chance to experiment with all these great ideas. Thanks so much.
Julie August 20, 2014
You could also try stirring a bit of sugar into the sliced peaches and letting them sit for a few minutes to draw some of the juice out, and leave the juice behind when you place the slices on the tart.
Liza's K. August 20, 2014
Yes, that sounds like a good idea - or you could add a drop of cornstarch also. I feel like it tends to work better than flour.
Amanda H. August 20, 2014
I think your idea to add a bit more flour is a good one. I'd start with 1 tablespoon.
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