Can I use individual tart pans ? Adjust the cooking time/temp at all ?

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Peach Tart
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Gammy August 18, 2020
Amanda, "Julie and Julia" is one of my favorite movies and I DID recognize you in it! What a great experience. Question... I also would like to use individual tart pans. How many individual ones do you think one recipe would make? I would like to be able to make the crust, line with plastic wrap, add the peaches and freeze, THEN add the crumb topping, wrap tightly and back into the freezer. Obviously when ready to bake, I would remove the plastic wrap before baking. Sound about right?
Marilyn G. August 18, 2020
I made 5 and it used up all of the ingredients perfectly with following the regular recipe.
Amanda H. August 18, 2020
Thanks for weighing in!
Gammy August 19, 2020
These look so yummy!!!! Thanks for answering!
Amanda H. August 17, 2020
Yes, sure -- I'd reduce the oven temp to 400F and reduce the cooking time about 10 minutes. Keep an eye on them and adjust as needed!
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