Are there job opportunities for spice/herb enthusiasts who have no formal culinary training?

They fascinate me, these lovelies. I always find myself yearning to know more about them. I dream about visiting obscure islands to find them and learn how to use them. My hand-selected collection comes from strange stores around the world, and steals - not just a shelf or a drawer - but an entire cupboard from my tiny kitchen. Spice blends are entirely my own. I own more grinders, mortars and pestles, and mezzalunas than shoes. I weep when one of my precious herbs wilt...

And I happen to be looking for a job.

Sadly, no culinary training rests under my belt. Do I need to start there or is there a place for me despite lack of credentials?

  • Posted by: Amanda
  • August 20, 2014
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1 Comment

Maedl August 21, 2014
You certainly have the enthusiasm it takes to fuel a successful career, but I think you need to focus on education to provide some credentials. Perhaps you could land a sales job in a spice shop, and use that as part of your learning experience. You probably need to think about what you would like to focus on--you sound as if ethnobotany might be a good choice, but that requires a lot of education and field work. Perhaps start reading about plant hunters (Wade Davis is a good place to start), plants as medicine (James Duke), plants as history (Michael Pollan's Botan of Desire) and plant folklore. It is a big field, and there is a lot to planst beyond the food aspect.
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