clay roaster repair

I broke my claypot roaster. It is in two pieces. Can it be repaired?



Sam1148 August 28, 2014
Yes, I was saying Amazon has new ones, about 40 with shipping was the cheapest I saw. The ones with prime shipping at about 49.
However, if you check out thrift stores, salvation army and goodwill they show there all the time.
mainesoul August 29, 2014
Thank you Sam, I will check out goodwill, thrift stores and yard sales.
Greenstuff August 28, 2014
From their website:

"Unfortunately you may not repair a broken baker. There is no food safe adhesive which will tolerate humidity and temperature required for cooking in the Romertopf."
Sam1148 August 27, 2014
What type of Roaster? If it's a Romertopf type. Amazon and free shipping is a good bet.
mainesoul August 27, 2014
Yes! It has Romertopf written all over it. I am trying to add a picture to my response but I can't seem to add it. Are you saying that I can find someone on Amazon to repair it?
Susan W. August 27, 2014
I could be wrong, but I think Sam is saying ordering a new one with free shipping from Amazon is your best bet.
Susan W. August 27, 2014
How sad. I know you can fix cracks with milk, but anything you use to put Humpty Dumpty back together would seep into your food. Maybe someone knows of a magical substance. If not, can you glue it together and plant herbs in it?
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